Gary Choi - Osteopath

Gary has successfully practiced manual therapy in Sydney's Eastern suburbs for more than 20 years, initially in therapeutic massage and then latter as an Osteopath. The outcome has been invaluable experience in treating a variety of illnesses. These range from the most common back and neck complaints to more severe nerve problems and long term diseases.
Gary's specialty is sports and occupation related injuries. Having spent much of his time pursing fitness activities such as indoor climbing, body building, cycling, scuba diving and national level Dragon Boat racing, Gary finds it natural and instinctive when it comes to treating sports related injuries. Sports enthusiasts will definitely feel they are in the right hands.
If you've ever been nervous about getting your neck and spine manipulated through manual adjustment then don't, because you won't even know it's happening. Gary's genuine concern and interest in the welfare of each of his patients lead him to perfect a treatment style which is both subtle and persuasive.
With Gary as your practitioner, you can be assured of personal attention which is able to generate a sense of wellbeing and vitality. 
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