Massage Therapy - Immediate Relief & Relaxation





30min   $65
For immediate relief of pain and discomfort this 30 minute massage is just what the doctor ordered - a little TLC in the areas where you really need it most. Loosen up tight sore muscles and restore your body back to balance and vitality.
60min   $95
A 60minute massage is for every work hard play hard person out there who pushes themselves to the max. A regular one hour massage works wonders for reducing fatigue, muscle soreness, cramping, postural tension, stiffness of the joints, poor flexibility and is ideal for restoring a sense of wellness. 
1hr 30min   $135
Perfect for busy executives who need to slow down and allow mother nature to do the healing. During this 90 minute treatment, nature will go to work by releasing endorphins, your body’s natural painkillers. If you have a stressful busy lifestyle this is a wonderful, drug free, non-invasive solution for reducing tension and restoring calm to your nervous systems. 
 2hr   $165
Soothe your aching tired limbs and float away with some well deserved blissfull me time. 
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Choose from the menu above the amount of time you want spent on your massage.
Your therapist will then tailor your massage with the most appropriate massage style to give you the best results.

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All cancellations require 24 hour notice or a 50% service fee will apply
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