Osteopathy is a proven medical approach to healthcare
 Recovery from pain and injury occurs through restoring function to
the nervous, circulatory, musculoskeletal and lymphatic systems.

The philosophy of Osteopathy is to treat the whole person, not just the symptoms. It places emphasis on the relationships between the body's structure, framework and function, teaching the appreciation of the body's ability to heal itself.

The most common complaints for which patients consult Osteopaths include back and neck pain, sciatica, headaches, pains in peripheral joints such as shoulders, knees and ankles, tendinitis and muscle strains, work-related and repetitive strain injuries, and sports-related injuries. Other conditions for which Osteopathy can play a significant role in reducing the severity of symptoms include asthma, gynaecological dysfunction, arthritic conditions and chronic fatigue. 

At your initial consultation your posture and movement problems are assessed by your Osteopath and treatment is applied to reduce your pain and then to improve the way your body physically functions. Treatment can be applied to all parts of the body and is tailored to your condition. 

Treatment provided by an Osteopath can give effective relief from pain and distress for commom conditions such as:

Back, neck and shoulder pain
Nerve problems such as sciatica
Headache and migraine
Mucsle strain and spasm
Joint injuries (knees and ankles)
Repetitive strain injury
Chronic Fatigue  
Sport injuries
Pre and post natal problems
Techniques incorporated into your treatment may include the following:
Soft Tissue Manipulation (massage)
Joint Manipulation
Muscle Contraction and Stretching
Mobilisation and Articulation (rhythmically moving a body region)
Exercise Therapy
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